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Waterfall in Nauthusagil in Thorsmork, Iceland.
A photo of a Glacier River in Thorsmork, Iceland
People admiring a waterfall inside of Nauthusagil Canyon in Thorsmork, Iceland.
A photo of a glacier in Thorsmork, Iceland.
People climbing up a waterfall in Nauthusagil in Thorsmork, Iceland.
A photo from behind a waterfall in Thorsmork, Iceland.

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There are other ways to get into Thorsmork – but if you want to avoid long hikes, waiting for a bus or the risks of driving your own vehicle across some decent-sized rivers, super jeep is the only option. Logi was wonderful – a total professional and great company on an all-day tour. He was easygoing, extremely knowledgeable and loves the country and what he does. He made sure we saw the places we wanted to see in Thorsmork (along with many we did not know about) while always remaining concerned with our safety and comfort. We hiked to a glacier face, into a cave, Stakkholtsgjá canyon, and a waterfall over the course of the tour. If I return to Iceland, I would definitely book another tour with Logi and Into The Wild.


We (my husband and two boys–15 and 8) booked a day trip to Thorsmork with Logi. We met him in the parking lot of Selandjfoss and just hopped into his super jeep and let him take us away. We made several stops each time Logi said OK let\’s take a little hike…he explained what we where seeing, he never rushed us through any of the stops. The scenery was magnificent. Just when we thought we where heading back to the parking lot Logi pulled over once again, we all hopped out but, this time he handed us helmets! We proceeded to walk behind a wall of rocks and was faced with a waterfall, but that\’s not all…there was another hidden waterfall that you had to cross the brook and scale the side of the rocks to get to the …

Amazing Experience! First Class Service

What an amazing, unforgettable experience! We had 3 nights in Reykjavik and were hoping to see the Northern Lights, there are soooo many tours and trips available over there and it was difficult deciding whether to go on a bus tour or a jeep….we eventually decided on jeep as there were 5 of us and we preferred a more personal tour. There are a few jeep tour operators so I phoned them all, not only were Into The Wild the cheapest but they were also very friendly and went out of their way to send information and were extremely helpful. After phoning back at 5…just to make sure the forecast was right to see the lights…Logi picked us up at 9pm to start the tour. We were all made to feel very welcome and Logi chatted …

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Into The Wild offers first class, tailor-made Super-Jeep adventure tours. Would you like to take a walk through an underground river or stand face to face to a magnificent glacier whilst strolling up a mystical canyon? This adventure and even more are possible during an Into The Wild trip.

Into The Wild is a family operated company, fully authorized by the Icelandic Tourist Board. Boasting of more than 35 years of experience of the surrounding area of Eyjafjallajökull. Our vehicles are specially made for off-road tours and excursions. Our goal is to provide outstanding, personal service whilst respecting the highest safety standards.

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