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Into The Highlands


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8 days 7 nights

July 21-28th. 2017 -SOLD OUT-
July 21-28th. 2018 -SOLD OUT-

$4900.00 per person

We head into the Highlands to discover some of the hard to get to Hidden Gems along with some of the amazing sights along the Iceland south coast. This is a serious 4×4 excursion, traveling rough tracks and crossing difficult rivers. This is a specialty excursion in collaboration with Capture Iceland. 8 person max. We travel in 2 highly modified Super Trucks. 4 persons per photographer/guide ensures maximum attention and guidance for each participant.

Includes expert photo guidance, technical assistance, use of our backup gear if your gear breaks on you, travel in a modified Land Rover Defender 110 super truck or similar, fuel and what ever else we can do to help you get a great shot and have a great time. Accommodations, food and non alcoholic beverages included. We will be staying in mix of farm stay guesthouses and all season tents in those super remote areas. This is a true adventure. (Meet and greet dinner in Reykjavik not included)


The night before departure, we will meet up and have a nice dinner at a restaurant in Reykjavik, get to know each other and go over the plan for the trip.

Day 1

We pick you up at 6:30 am and head east towards Thingvellir where we will stop to catch the morning light at Öxarárfoss and the beautiful clear water ravines, and the mossy lava formations. From there we will make a stop at Geysir hot spring and Gullfoss amazing waterfall. As we continue our day after a an picnic style lunch, we head towards Seljalandsfoss, a small but amazing waterfall that you can walk behind and Skógarfoss, a much bigger waterfall and very powerful. Next in line is the black beach at Reynisfjara where we shoot the pristine beach that more often than not has a very powerful surf that can be quite dangerous. The Basalt columns at Reynisfjara are also quite picturesque as well as Dyrholaey where the ocean has carved a hole in the cliff. Our stop for the night is in the little Town of Vik.

Day 2

An early start, after breakfast we now start heading inland, into the highlands, we take the beautiful F208 mountain road towards Landmannalaugar stopping at Eldgja and a few other select places for some amazing photo opportunities. Landmannalaugar that is known for it´s geothermal beauty, amazing rock formations and colours. The multicoloured rhyolite mountains and lava fields are quite spectacular, a true photographic treasure chest. We will take a hike with our gear to show you some of the best places. For those who would choose to stay close to the main area, one of the guides will stay with you and assist you. If time allows there is a chance to take a dip into the thermal pool after the photo session. We now head more inland, deeper into the highlands traveling towards F26 (Sprengisandsleið) stopping at Ljotipollur crater, (Ugly pond crater) that is actually very beautiful with it´s red coloured rock and blue water. Onward we travel on F26, a hauntingly beautiful desolate mountain road towards Sprengisandur, this is really the Icelandic high desert, you really get the sense of being in the middle of nowhere. Our stop for the night is campsite at Laugarfell where we will pitch our tents and have a home cooked dinner right of the grille. After dinner there is an excellent opportunity to wash of the road dust in the geothermal pool.

Day 3

After a good nights rest in our tents, we start making our way along the very rugged F910 (South Route) This road is quite slow going, many difficult river crossings and extremely rocky in parts. This is however one of the most picturesque roads in Iceland in our opinion. Amazing Moonlike landscapes, black lava fields and stunning views. One of the must see stops is Vonarskarð and Hnýflar, (Hope Pass and Horn Hills) Vonarskarð is a large pass between Vatnajokull glacier and Tungnafellsjokull glacier. Incredible views toward the south. F910 continues to take us through one of the most rugged terrain Iceland has to offer, we are travelling along the north side of Vatnajokull, on of Europes largest Icecap. Views to Bárðarbunga, second highest mountain in Iceland and an active subglacial stratovolcano, that has had sustained seismic activity in recent years. An eruption there is long over due. Continuing on we pass the beautiful Kistufell heading over Urðarhals, where the track in some places seises to be visible and the only way through is to try to find the best route between the yellow stakes in the ground. Up here there are views to every direction and it is truly a magnificent place. Coming down from the mountain we get onto the flats sands down below, known as Flæður (The Float) since in the summer the sand can be covered in water for for as far as the eye can see. From here the view back towards the glacier can be quite magnificent and when the ground is under a few centimetres of water, it can make for a really great photograph. The brand new lava field at Holuhraun is our next stop. This lava field is from an eruption in August 2014 that lasted for 6 months into late February 2015. In places the lava is still hot and steaming. It is quite a sight to behold and photograph. Our stop for the night is at Askja caldera campground, were we again pitch our tents and enjoy a delicious campsite meal.

Day 4

Another early start as we hike towards Askja Calderal and Viti explosion crater. This is a 2.5km hike and takes about 35 minutes one way. Once at Askja we will spend some time taking in the incredible scenery and photograph this breathtaking place. Once back to our trucks, the journey continues southbound from Askja to Kverkfjöll which is an active thermal zone right up against the icy skirt of Vatnajökull’s northern edge and has several sites of interest, including the twin pyramid-shaped Upptyppingar hills near the Jökulsá á Fjöllum bridge, and the Hvannalindir oasis, about 20km north of Sigurðarskáli hut. At Kverkfjoll you can witness an awesome natural phenomenon in the form of hot water flowing beneath the cold glacial ice. These Ice Caves filled with hot springs are one of the most spectacular and largest geothermal areas in the world. Depending on conditions in the cave we may be able to enter, but conditions in the cave can vary and it can be a dangerous place. This area is quite amazing for photographers to explore. We will again pitch tents for the night, this time at Sigurðarskali camp, fire up the grill and have a nice evening.

Day 5

From the Kverkfjoll geothermal area we head north again on F903 to F910 crossing the Þríhyrningsfjallgarður mountain enjoying and photographing the mystic beauty of the stark landscape. Once over the mountain range we hear south again into Laugarvallardalur, beautiful oasis in the starkness of the highlands, where it is possible to bathe in 40deg C waterfall, quite the experience. On we traverse the rough roads towards Kárahnjúkar and Hálslón, this hydropower plant and it´s reservoir was highly debated when constructed, but can be extremely photogenic in the summer, with Snæfell mountain reflecting in the water. Slight detour out on F909 gets us to our next stop, Snæfell mountain, then on to Slæðufoss waterfall by Laugarfell mountain. Multi layered waterfall with vibrant red rock cliffs. Quite beautiful. We rest for the night in farmstay guesthouse close to Hallormsstaður, a nice bed after 3 nights in the wild.

Day 6

After a nice breakfast we travel south on route 1 to F939 across Oxi, stopping along the way to enjoy and photograph the majestic landscape including several beautiful waterfalls. Once down the pass we will make stops in Berufjörður one of the many picturesque fjords in the east of Iceland. following by Hamarsfjörður and Álftafjörður, then Selvík where we will photograph the basalt column on the beach known as Dálkur. Continuing southbound and stopping at Stokksnes, one of the most beautiful places in Iceland in our opinion. Huge black sand beaches and magnificent mountains. We will then spend the night in farmstead guesthouse close to Hofn.

Day 7

Early day as we head towards Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon, trying to beat the crowds and catch a little of the earlier light on those amazing floating Icebergs in the lagoon. Followed by a private boat trip on the lagoon, were we get up and personal with those huge mountains of Ice heading towards the ocean. A walk on the close by beach is a must, since it is often littered with large pieces of clear blue ice surrounded by the incoming waves. After a action packed morning we have lunch and head to Svinafellsjokull, a stunning carved glacier tongue, the site of an alien planet in the movie Interstellar. Next scheduled stop is Skaftafell and take the 45 minute hike to Svartifoss (Black Waterfall). This is a one of a kind waterfall, as it is surrounded by black basalt columns from where it draws its name. Kirkjubæjarlaustur is our stop for the night, where we will stay in farmstead guesthouse. If the light is favourable we will explore and photograph Eldhraun lava field in the evening. It is covered in thick green moss and is quite stunning.

Day 8

On our last day we again head into the highlands, this time taking the Fjallabak South route, F232 to F210. This route truly displays some of the best of Iceland highlands. Incredible colours and wast landscapes. We travel close to Myrdalsjokull, hugging the north side of the glacier. Passing Mælifell, awesome green triangular mountain rising from the black sand. From F210 we make a southbound direction through Hungurfitjar, scarcely traveled rough track that takes us through tight canyons and deep rivers up onto the edge of Lifrarfjöll where the there is an incredible view towards the glaciers, Myrdalsjokull and Eyjafjnallajokull. Continuing south we pass Einhyrningur, a small but amazing looking mountain that draws it name from it´s horn reminiscent of a Unicorn from where it draws it name. From here we slowly make our way down the mountains towards the ring road HWY1 stopping for photo ops along the way. Once on the main highway 1 our destination is Reykjavik were we anticipate arriving at nightfall delivering you to your hotel.

Remember to bring your camera gear, warm clothes, rain gear and sturdy shoes on all trips!

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